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Stage 6 Motorsports developes performance solutions for many applications.
Works Of Art
Stage 6 Motorsports Project Car: Lexus GS400 Twin Turbo
Below are some of the examples of our works. More projects can be viewed in our Project Cars section.
Lexus GS400 Twin Turbo
Nissan 350Z Turbo
Ford GT Twin Turbo
Acura Integra GSR Turbo
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At Stage 6 Motorsports, we offer performance through innovation. Our services include the sales and installation of custom and after-market turbo systems, motor/engine modifications, custom & aftermarket exhaust, suspension systems, motor swaps, plus design & production consultation.
Harrison's 07 SRT8 Grand Cherokee has our Custom ProMod Single Turbo Kit, He's running a Precision Turbo ProMod 94,Custom Intercooler with Aluminum Piping on a Built 6.1L Modern HEMI. Boost is controlled with a New Greddy Profec, Tial Wastegate and Blow Off Valve. Drive Line consist of Paramount Performance Torque Converter, Transmission, 8.8 Rearend, and Stage 6 Motorsports Adjustible Shocks.

 Keoni is running a Performance Werks Racing Engine, Paramount Performance Products Transmission, Transfer Case,and Rearend, Injector Dynamics ID2000cc Injectors , Stage 6 Motorsports Adjustable Rear Stocks , Along with our PT88 Single Turbo Kit for SRT8 HEMI Jeeps.

Cesar runs a new personal best in his K20 Turbo Powered Honda Civic. The car is running a fully built K20 including a Golden Eagle sleeved block, CP pistons, Carrillo Rods, Ferrea Valve Train, Drag Cartel cams, Precision Turbo Billet 4272, Tial Wastegate and Blow Off Valve, and it's all controlled by Hondata's K-Pro ECU. Driveline includes a Tilton Twin Disc Clutch, PPG Gearset and Final Drive, and Drive Shaft Shop Axles. 
Torrie of Unleashed Tuning ran the Miami mile with his ford GT running our stage 1 twin turbo package on the stock engine and fuel system with a best of 221.7mph. The has been twin turbocharged for over 30,000 miles and currently reads just over 37,000 miles on it.

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